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Bauscher Hepp isn't just a group of innovative foodservice brands; we're a collection of stories. We've been making food and beverage news for centuries, and here's why

From Venitian Glassware Experts
Vidivi (Vetri delle Venezie) is a leading Italian company specializing in high-tech, high-definition glass. They offer a comprehensive range of stackable solutions, including their beautiful tumblers with sizes made specifically for cocktails. They also provide an extensive range of service pieces including plates, bowls, chargers, and trays.

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Bauscher Germany

The Inventors of the Professional Porcelain
Bauscher has a long history of loyalty. They are loyal to their brand, loyal to their process, and loyal to their customers. As the original creator of the porcelain product category, they’ve made the Porcelain of Tomorrow Since 1881. Looking back at their history, Bauscher innovation includes the invention of the dripless pour spout, the first fully embossed rim, and the first porcelain factory available for professional use. But Bauscher isn’t just about the past. Though their tradition is rooted in the past, they are still making the porcelain of tomorrow.

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High innovative drive, strong concepts, a keen sense for colour and decades of experience – that’s what EMSA stands for.

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The Origins of Professional Cutlery
Founded in 1863, Hepp is the inventor of professional cutlery and hollowware.. They rank among the most important suppliers of tableware in the world, and their full range of products can be found across the globe on land, sea, and air – from high-end hotels in Europe to high-flying Asian airlines. In addition to their beautiful, timeless designs, Hepp is also known for new and eye-catching styles, giving them the front row where classical meets modern.

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A Distinct Path – A Glass for Every Occasion
Following timeless tradition and generations, Luigi Bormioli has carried on the family’s legacy and evolved the art of glassmaking to today’s fusion of artistry and high-tech expertise.  On the cutting edge, Luigi Bormioli developed an illustrious relationship with Centro Studi Assaggiatori, the world’s largest sensory profiler in food and beverage to create glass shapes and collections that elevate the entire sensorial experience.  For Luigi Bormioli, innovation is a state of mind.  With ground breaking patents, international collaborations and first to market offers and life-time guarantees, Luigi Bormioli provides the world with Italian glassware of superior style, quality and performance.

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The Result of a Caterer Meeting a Product Designer
When the head chef of a catering company decided the differentiating factor between competing caterers is actually design and presentation rather than food, he set out to find the perfect foodservice serving solutions. When he realized they didn’t exist, he met a world-class product designer. Together, they created Mogogo, a full range of functional, highly practical solutions that consider all factors in cooking, service, operations, and storage. Mogogo is impeccably designed, right down to the smallest of details.

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Your Invitation Awaits
We invite you to mix, match and experiment with your tabletop. Choose from a broad palette of inspirations to set the stage for your cuisine in unique and exciting ways. Awaken your culinary display with exciting stoneware pieces and mixed material accessories collected from every corner of the world and exclusively designed with you in mind.

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The Perfection of Table Culture
The customs and interactions we have during meals have taken centuries to develop. Table culture, like all other aspects of culture, is an evolutionary process. Tafelstern is part of that evolution. A modern, forward-thinking brand that offers modular systems giving you the freedom to select the pieces you want, Tafelstern provides ideal solutions for a wide range of table cultures and occasions.

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3-D Animations Brought to Life
High-grade porcelain dinnerware doesn’t have to mean boring. Engage your customers with emotionally playful characters who provide bashful smiles, sheepish grins, and even display some attitude once in a while. Liven up your guest experience with Tassen’s playfulness and attention to detail that’s both fun and functional.

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The Four Stages of Culinary Satisfaction
In their 160+ years of existence, WMF invented more than just the 18/10 stainless steel that is used in foodservice equipment throughout the industry. They also invented the four moments of culinary pleasure and the products that help make them possible. From preparing and cooking to dining and drinking, WMF’s stylish and creative designs bring good ideas to life. With WMF, expect pleasure.

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