Clear Transparent Long Rectangular Bento Plate 11

Clear Transparent Long Rectangular Bento Plate 11" x 2.8" x 1.6" 16 oz Bento Box Dinner Plates by MyGlassStudio

Bento dinner plate, long rectangle, Clear glass Long rectangle bento dinner plate. Appetizer plate that can be useful as a cutlery case or a dip bowl set. Glass appetizer plates with cover with a bronze roundel for the post Covid-19 era. Kit includes 1 Long Rectangular Plate and 1 Long Rectangular Cover.

Item Number: SC-17-16-X40

Product Details

Collection: Bento Box Assembled Kits
Category: Dinnerware
Color: Clear Transparent
Country Of Origin: Bulgaria, EU
Length: 11
Width: 2.8
Height: 1.6
Fl. Oz.: 16
Inventory: 1 each