White Teapot 7.6
White Teapot 7.6
White Teapot 7.6
White Teapot 7.6

White Teapot 7.6" dia. x 4.8" 18.6 oz Come4Table by Bauscher

This classically styled collection is available in a variety of different rim styles that mix and match for a perfect ensemble on every table, whether flat, steep, deep steep, gourmet, or gourmet wide rim. The collection includes table accessories and coffee service to round of the presentation.

Item Number: 284350


Oven Safe


Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe

Product Details

Collection: Come4Table
Category: Dinnerware
Materials: Porcelain
Color: White
Country Of Origin: Germany
Length: 7.6
Height: 4.8
Max Diameter: 7.6
Fl. Oz.: 18.6
Inventory: 23 each