Rustic Blue 1/4 Crock 10.4

Rustic Blue 1/4 Crock 10.4" x 6.4" x 3.1" 50.7 oz Tura by Dalebrook

Tura Collection The Tura Crock Collection are ideal for deli or buffet servings. The Tura Crocks feature a rustic wood effect on the exterior of the bowls, whilst the clean white surface is featured on the inside t o act as a blank can vas for aesthetically pleasing food presentation.

Item Number: TWD7714BL


Dishwasher Safe

Product Details

Collection: Tura
Category: Retail Display
Materials: Melamine
Color: Rustic Blue
Country Of Origin: China
Length: 10.4
Width: 6.4
Height: 3.1
Fl. Oz.: 50.7