White Cup 3
White Cup 3
White Cup 3
White Cup 3

White Cup 3" dia. x 2.5" 6.1 oz Dimension by Bauscher

Dimension is an extremly versatile collection that is tailored to challenging environments. The collection possesses a sleek shape and grants excellent functionality. You'll find the collection is adorned with impressive design features, such as strikingly shaped handles and softly sweeping plates.

Item Number: 905118


Oven Safe


Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe

Product Details

Collection: Dimension
Category: Senior Dining & Care
Materials: Porcelain
Color: White
Lids: 598902-011010
Country Of Origin: Germany
Length: 3
Width: 3.1
Height: 2.5
Max Diameter: 3
Fl. Oz.: 6.1
Inventory: 42 each