White Teapot 5.8
White Teapot 5.8
White Teapot 5.8
White Teapot 5.8

White Teapot 5.8" dia. x 3.5" 11.8 oz Carat by Bauscher

This is one of the most successful ranges. It unites functionality and aesthetics. It provides space saving and stable stacking capabilities. Décor options are available for customization or to assist in food orientation for patients in Hospital & Care settings.

Item Number: 254335


Oven Safe


Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe

Product Details

Collection: Carat
Category: Senior Dining & Care
Materials: Porcelain
Color: White
Country Of Origin: Germany
Length: 5.8
Width: 0
Height: 3.5
Max Diameter: 5.8
Fl. Oz.: 11.8
Inventory: 16 each